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Pause for Thought - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Pause for Thought on 14th September, 2022

Today's Pause for Thought is by Rev Ian Williams, Senior Chaplain, and is in remembrance of our late sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II.

Ian says:

"The nation mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth ll with flowers and personal tributes. Gun salutes and church bells ring out across the country in recognition of a life well lived by a monarch who brought stability to an ever-changing world. Kings and Queens, world leaders and dignitaries pay their respects by sending heartfelt tributes, referring to her reassuring presence when in her company.

"We will always remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard that our Queen had passed peacefully from this life to the next. She spent her final weeks in her beloved Scottish home of Balmoral. Seventy years of devoted service has ended, but Her Majesty’s extraordinary legacy will live on. Her reign spanned a remarkable arc in British history and defined an era renowned by Her deeply rooted Christian faith.

"As Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll passed into Eternity and entered the Kingdom of Heaven, she will have heard the words: “Welcome Home, good and faithful servant, you have run your race well, you have fought a good fight and you have kept the faith!” Through the ups and downs of life, “through many dangers, toils and snares,” our Gracious Queen knew an Amazing Grace that made Her strong yet compassionate. In a complicated and complex world that same Grace will guide us through this period of mourning and comfort us at this sad time.

"The loss of our Queen has been deeply felt throughout the country, the Commonwealth and the entire world, maybe reawakening memories of our own personal losses and causing past emotions once again to flood our hearts and minds.

"I would encourage you to take time to be still; to pause in the busyness of life and remember those we have lost and to find kind words for those who are still present in our lives.

"Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll rest in peace and rise in glory."