Quality and safety

We are passionate about promoting good mental health and wellbeing. We strive to use the expertise and resources within our organisation, and through our partnerships, to deliver high quality services that are safe and focused on people's recovery.

Our passion and commitment to achieve this shapes our vision, mission and strategy. Our staff are pivotal in everything we do and we are committed to involving them fully in the development of our organisation and our services.

Every year we work together with our staff, the people who use our services and other stakeholders to identify our key quality improvement priorities for the upcoming financial year - April-March.

We publish our performance against those priorities in our Quality Account, accessed from the Resources section.

Patient safety

We have been at the forefront of developing safe practices in mental health.  The old Southwest Strategic Health Authority focused heavily on safety across health services and has facilitated and supported the development of safety and quality improvement skills in individual clinicians as well as the development of collaborative safety programmes that continue in the south west of England today.

A key strand of our approach to improving patient safety is to help staff develop and improve their knowledge, skills and competence in Quality Improvement methodology. One of our key projects is Four Steps to Safety, a structured system to provide safer care with a specific focus on reducing violence and aggression.