DPT Strategy 2022-25

Our vision

An inclusive society where the importance of mental health and wellbeing is universally understood and valued.

Our mission

To be a centre of excellence for mental health, learning disability and neurodiversity.

Our aims

  • Excellent care and treatment
  • Create a great place to work
  • Collaborate with others
  • Make the best use of resources
  • Promote social justice and tackle discrimination
  • Make a positive contribution to our environment.

Our six Strategic Aims are underpinned by eight Enabling Plans

  • Clinical
  • People
  • Together
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Digital
  • Estates
  • Green
  • Research

Our values

The values enshrined in the NHS Constitution underpin all that we do. By living our values we will achieve our aims:

Inspire – Share our enthusiasm and passion

Respect and Dignity 
Include – Promote equality, value diversity and champion recovery

Everyone counts 
Integrate – Work with our partners to deliver high quality, joined up services

Improving Lives
Improve - strive for excellence in everything we do

Working together for patients
Involve – Ensure that the people who use our services are driving and shaping them

Commitment to quality of care
Innovate – Actively pursue innovative solutions and new opportunities to develop