Increasing activity

When we feel depressed we tend to do less and less because of the tiredness, difficulty sleeping and eating, and negative style of thinking that come with it. We stop doing the things we used to enjoy.

Just increasing our activity and exercise levels can make an enormous impact on our mood by
  • Making us feel better about ourselves
  • Making us feel less tired
  • Motivating us to do more
  • Improving our ability to think more clearly
  • Helping us to shift our focus from our unhelpful thoughts
  • Giving us a sense of achievement
  • Bring with other people
  • Stimulating the body to produce natural anti-depressants
  • Making us more healthy
  • Stimulating our appetite
  • It is important to get a healthy balance of activities which give you a sense of achievement, enjoyment, and being close to others.
Choose activities which are important to you, have positive meanings, or are purposeful. You might want to plan rest periods too.
Keep your goals realistic – set achievable limits. For example: aim to walk for 15 minutes rather than half a marathon, or wash the dishes rather than spring clean the whole house. Don’t set yourself up to fail! You can build up your activity over time.