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Register of Interests

Devon Partnership NHS Trust is required to maintain up to date organisational register(s) of interests for Board members and for ‘decision making staff.’

Declarations of Interests Registers enable staff to be as open as possible and declare any actual or potential conflict of interest that might arise from activities undertaken in addition to their contracted role at the Trust. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that they are not placed in a position of risk by reporting all activities openly and in a timely way.

The Board Register of Interests contains, as they become available, the declarations of interest made by Board members. This is published annually, but is reviewed regularly at each Board meeting.

Annually, the Trust also publishes a register of interests for all 'decision-making staff', including Consultants, senior clinical and professional staff and those in roles that engage in procurement and commissioning activities. This information is then published on the Trust website for public scrutiny.

The Trust also publishes an annual Register of Gifts and Hospitalities. This provides details of any gifts and hospitality received by staff, including Board members, over the course of the reporting year.