Self-help books and e-books

We recommend several self-help books and e-books which many people living with depression and/or anxiety have found to be of real help. These include:

  • Overcoming Depression, Paul Gilbert, Robinson Publishing ISBN 9781841191256
    A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques, this book is full of step-by-step suggestions, case examples and practical ideas for gaining control over depression and low mood.
  • Overcoming Anxiety, Helen Kennerley, Robinson Publishing ISBN 9781854874221 
    A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques to help people take charge of their own recovery.  This book describes the various forms that anxiety problems may take and contains illustrative quotes from people who have had anxiety problems; allowing readers to realise that many others have shared similar experiences and overcome their difficulties.
  • Self-help guides
    We offer a nuber of easy-to-read self-help guides. The guides cover a range of subjects such as anxiety, stress, depression low mood and are available in different formats, including easy read, audio and pdf.