Work support

If you are struggling at work or signed off sick with anxiety or depression we can help you manage your sickness absence and help you get back to work. With your consent we can talk to your employer.

We offer independent and impartial advice.

We can support with:

  • Managing your sickness absence
  • Meetings with managers and staff
  • Returning to work after time off
  • Exploring reasonable adjustments
  • Managing workload and tasks to help reduce anxiety
  • Advice on occupational health appointments and more
  • Helping you find appropriate local sources of work, or signpost you to learning
    and volunteering opportunities
  • Helping you identify your skills, strengths and experience that could apply in a variety of jobs
  • Providing you with information, advice and guidance on local employment.

How we support you

Our Employment Support Coordinator (ESC) provides information, guidance and practical support about all aspects of employment for people who are engaged with our Depression and Anxiety Service.

In all cases, support is focused on each individual’s interests and needs.

We work closely with many other services who provide advice, information and help in finding and staying in employment. We make sure appropriate use is made of them and that up to date information is available.

We are not an employment agency or a job broker and seeing us will not affect any entitlement to benefits that yu have.