Who's who in the TALKWORKS team

Our team consists of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, Community Mental Health Nurses, Counsellors, High Intensity Therapists, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and Administrative Assistants

Our staff work in various community buildings such as community hospitals, GP surgeries and libraries.  This means we can usually provide you with support close to where you live or in the locality of your choice. Our teams are based in Exeter, East and Mid Devon, North Devon, Torbay and South West Devon.

All of our staff are trained in effective psychological interventions to help your recovery.

Our team

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

Our Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) are trained to help you work towards feeling better about your problems.  You can meet your PWP face-to-face or speak to them on the phone.  Your therapist can provide support using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), as well as introduce you to self-help materials or other services which may be of help to you.


A Cognitive Behavioural Therapist will work with you to help you understand your problems.  They help explore the thoughts you have about yourself, others and the world around you; as well as the way you behave and the impact that your behaviour has on thoughts and feelings.  Your therapist can help you to change how you think and what you do, which can help you feel better about your life.

Administrative Assistants

Our Administrative Assistants work very hard to ensure you’re assisted in a professional and helpful manner and will often be your first point of contact with our service.

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