Support To Succeed (STS)

Understanding Personality Problems, Helping People Succeed 

Support to Succeed is the Community Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) team. This team is part of the national Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) Pathway which was set up in 2015 with an aim to reduce levels of re offending as well as improving offender’s psychological health and wellbeing. The service also aims to enhance the skills and confidence of staff working with those with personality difficulties. 

The Support to Succeed service combines the existing core OPD probation consultation service (running since 2015) and the new Intensive Intervention and Risk Management service (IIRMs). IIRMs launched in January 2021. This service is jointly provided by DPT and HM Prison & Probation service (HMPPS).

STS works with individuals who screen on to the OPD pathway and their offender managers. To screen in to the OPD pathway, the person will be: managed by probation services; demonstrate personality difficulties; and will be considered high or very high risk of harm (ROSH). A screening tool is used to make this assessment. 

Core OPD Probation Consultation service
The probation consultation arm of Support to Succeed (STS) supports offender managers to work more effectively with people with personality difficulties. The aim is to: identify cases early in their sentence; to offer advice, consultation, formulation; and to help offender managers more effectively support their clients. 
The service aims to ensure individuals enter into and complete planned interventions, provide time limited joint case management and also deliver monthly training to NPS staff to help them support people with personality difficulties more effectively.

Intensive Intervention & Risk Management Service (IIRMs)
The IIRMs service is a community based team that provides prison in-reach work to engage, motivate and provide support to individuals in the six months prior to release. Following this, IIRMs provides psychological support and psycho-educational or other interventions to develop coping skills and address mental health and wellbeing, as well as providing practical help and support.  The IIRMs team assesses, supports and aims to reduce an individual's risk of re-offending whilst enhancing wellbeing, social engagement and capacity to lead a fulfilling life. People can engage with the service on a voluntary basis, until their licence ends. IIRMs does not form part of any licence conditions.

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