Life at Langdon

At Langdon Hospital, we offer a multi-disciplinary approach in our patient care.. Our clinical teams consist of various professionals, including psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, pharmacists, and physical therapists. 

We offer access to the Discovery Centre Recovery College, where patients can explore a wide range of vocational opportunities. We strongly believe in collaborative decision-making and actively involve patients in setting their recovery goals. By working together with our patients, we strive to achieve better and more timely outcomes.

To provide you with a glimpse into life at Langdon, we invite you to watch our 'This is Langdon' video. This video was co-produced by our patients and staff, offering a brief overview of the hospital and the experiences within. Simply click on the image above to access the video and gain further insight into our compassionate and inclusive environment.

Paid and Unpaid Involvement Opportunities

As part of the recovery process, we offer vocational opportunities at Langdon to support our patients. These opportunities include:

  • Horticulture
  • Carpentry and woodwork
  • Experience within the Café Oasis and shop
  • Clothesline
  • External voluntary opportunities.
In addition to these vocational opportunities, we also provide paid co-production opportunities, including interview panel skills, Discovery Centre workshops, induction sessions for new staff, Patient Council and patient representation at senior management operational meetings. 


The Education Department at Langdon Hospital maintains a close partnership with South Devon College to provide a variety of accredited courses, including English, Maths, and IT. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of Open Learn online courses, catering to different interests and learning goals. Our focus is to ensure that patients have access to educational opportunities that support their development.

We provide personalised one-to-one sessions to meet individual needs, offering tailored support in areas such as reading, writing, and general education. We also organise a regular Book Club for patients.

By engaging in educational opportunities at Langdon Hospital, patients can maintain and improve their reading and writing abilities, gain knowledge in diverse subjects, and acquire valuable skills for personal and professional development. 

Social, Rehabilitation, Exercise, Sport and Therapeutic based activities

Our dedicated team at Langdon Hospital plans a diverse range of activities aimed at empowering patients, helping them develop skills and confidence, and ultimately leading to a satisfying and rewarding lifestyle. These activities include various areas such as music, cooking, art, sports, and group sessions focused on stress management and related issues.

To promote overall health and well-being, our Physical Therapies team offers a wide range of rehabilitation, exercise, sport, and therapeutic activities throughout Langdon Hospital. These activities are tailored to the individual and can be conducted in both group and one-to-one settings, ensuring person-centered support during the rehabilitation process. Examples of these activities include gym sessions, team sports, cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation, musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation, community walks, introduction to cold water therapy, and assistance in identifying community links for continued support upon discharge.

The Physical Therapies team collaborates closely with other departments such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and the physical health team to ensure comprehensive care.

Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre at Langdon Hospital serves as Langdon's Recovery College, providing a range of courses and workshops that are carefully chosen and often co-produced with patients. The college operates on a term basis, with each term releasing a prospectus that showcases the available courses for patients to select from. The courses are categorised into four main areas of interest:

  • Understanding mental health
  • Recovery journey
  • Developing knowledge and new skills
  • Getting involved.

Awards and achievements

We are incredibly proud of the talents and achievements of our patients at Langdon Hospital. Their remarkable accomplishments have been recognised through various Trust-specific awards, include the Board and the Toegther award under the Patient Council category. 

One of our patients received the prestigious Inspiration Award for his innovative recycling initiative implemented within the hospital. This recognition highlights the patient's dedication to making a positive impact on the environment.

In addition to internal awards, our patients actively participate in the Koestler Awards for arts in criminal justice. Through their artistic submissions, our patients have consistently excelled in a range of categories, receiving awards over the years. The Koestler Awards provide independent affirmation, feedback, and encouragement to our patients, reinforcing their artistic abilities and offering a platform for creative expression within the criminal justice system.

Links with the local community

We proudly collaborate with our local community, businesses, colleges, and charities, who provide invaluable support in various ways. Volunteer groups, including plant nurseries, grounds maintenance, and conservation, actively contribute to enhancing our hospital environment. Their involvement makes a significant difference, and creates a sense of community and positively impacting our patients' well-being.

Preparing to leave Langdon

In preparation for discharge, we offer comprehensive assistance to patients regarding crucial aspects such as benefits, housing options, and home care services. We provide guidance and information to help patients navigate these important areas effectively. Additionally, we connect patients with support groups available in the community, ensuring they have access to ongoing support networks beyond their hospital stay. Our dedicated team is committed to equipping all patients with the necessary life skills required for a successful transition into their post-discharge lives.

Open Quote

I felt thoroughly inspired by the concept of the Discovery Centre and was very pleased to be involved. It provides a wonderful opportunity with a varied selection of workshops that are geared to inform, educate and motivate.

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