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Life at Langdon

We are committed to working together with the people using our service. We want to provide every opportunity for people to develop new skills and the confidence in achieving a satisfying life. Our focus is very much on the person being at the centre of their own recovery.

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to care. Our clinical teams are made up doctors, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, pharmacists, sports therapists and educators.  Working together they ensure that we are offering the right interventions at the right time to address the needs and goals of those who use our services.

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Relational Discovery

'Relational Discovery' is how we work together to enable individuals, be they staff or patients, to develop an awareness of and to learn about themselves, to develop skills and experience so that they might meet their potential.  This involves a skills based induction at Langdon for staff and patients and the development of therapeutic approaches across the site.  These skills will mean that staff and patients will have a method to use on a daily basis to assist with the management of emotional distress and risk.

Education and skills

There are job related opportunities available on the Langdon Hospital site including horticulture, working in a shop on site and developing computing skills. Residents can also access educational opportunities, helping them to maintain and improve reading and writing skills, or help with training and qualifications in a number of other areas. 

Those admitted may choose to take courses that improve literacy, IT or maths skills. There are opportunities to study at a local college or Learn Direct Centre.

Dewnans Productions provides opportunities to get involved in film-making, in particular animation. 

You can view some of the films that patients have made on our YouTube channel.

Social and sports activities

Our team plan a range of activities designed to help residents feel in control of their lives; develop skills and confidence; and develop a satisfying and rewarding lifestyle. This could be through activities such as music, cooking, art or sports or through groups and sessions focussing on issues such as managing stress.

The Physical Therapies Sports Team on site run a number of sports activities, including our Langdon Rovers Football Club which was nominated for an Exeter Foundation Devon Sports Awards, in association with Active Devon.

Discovery Centre

The Recovery College, located at the Discovery Centre, offers courses and workshops which are co-produced with patients, where possible, and run across four areas. These vary in content, length and learning and include topics such as:

  • Understanding mental health challenges
  • Recovery journey
  • Developing knowledge and skills
  • Getting involved.

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Awards and achievements

We aim to take part in the annual Koestler Awards - the arts scheme for offenders, secure patients and detainees. Our patients have won many awards over the years and we are incredibly proud of their talent and achievements. We recognise this with an annual celebratory event where we showcase their work and present them with their certificates and prizes.

Links with the local community

We are proud to work with our local community, businesses, colleges and charities who support us in a variety of ways that make a difference.

Following positive feedback from a tour of the Dewnans Centre, the manager and staff from our local Sainsbury's store have organised 'dummy' interviews for potential jobseekers and put together a football team to play against Langdon Rovers.

South Devon College and Rethink currently work together with us to co-produce courses. A recent collaboration with the Met Office has seen a Weather Station installed on site, providing the opportunity for patients to learn about the weather and measurements are taken and submitted to the Met Office on a regular basis.

Preparing to leave Langdon

As you prepare for discharge, we will also help you with information about benefits, housing and home care as well as support groups in the community. It’s our job to support all residents to develop the life-skills they will need when they leave.

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I felt thoroughly inspired by the concept of the Discovery Centre and was very pleased to be involved. It provides a wonderful opportunity with a varied selection of workshops that are geared to inform, educate and motivate.

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