What is a recovery college?

The recovery college model first emerge in from America. The first recovery college was set up in Arizona in 2000.

The model arrived in UK in 2010 and there are now over 30 recovery colleges across the country.  The purpose of a recovery college  is  to support  people's  recovery from  mental  health  difficulties  through  learning  and education  that is  co-produced by people with lived experience  and  people  with professional  expertise.  

Recovery colleges  aim  to provide  a  safe  place  for people  to learn  new  skills  (and  expand  on existing skills)  together,  which helps  to increase  their  connection  with  others, and their  sense  of  control over their lives.

Emphasis  is  placed  on people's  talents  and  strengths, with  the  aim  of inspiring  optimism.  Students are encouraged  to consider  their opportunities  for the  future,  creating  a  culture  of personal  empowerment and an underlying  feeling  of hope.