Information for tutors

The Discovery Centre offers a wide range of recovery focused, educational courses and resources that are aimed  at supporting students in recognising and making the most of their talents, interests and skills.

We provide a great opportunity for students to learn new skills, and gain a greater understanding of their experiences. The Discovery Centre helps to inspire hope, which is so important in recovery. Our aims are to provide friendly and welcoming courses to everyone at Langdon Hospital.

Where possible, we try to ensure that our courses are co-produced and co-facilitated by people with professional expertise and people with lived experience. This allows us to offer an enriched and varied learning environment, which is recovery focused and personal to students.

The Discovery Centre is not a substitute for mainstream education however, and there are opportunities for gaining formal qualifications.

We are looking forward to you visiting the Discovery Centre. On this page we give you an idea of our shared expectations when facilitating a workshop/course at the Discovery Centre and help to build your understanding of what is on offer.

Fees and payment - The payment and employment status of our tutors varies widely according to their background and personal circumstances. If you are a mental health or education professional, employed by Devon Partnership NHS Trust, this will be inclusive of your role. If you are an external organisation providing your expertise, your fees will be negotiated individually with you.

Course plans and session plans – 75% of courses at the Discovery Centre are co-produced. You will be asked to submit a course overview and then if your workshop/course is co-produced with a peer tutor we will ask you to submit a jointly written session plan.   

Venue – The Discovery Centre will provide a venue and you will be informed as to whether you will be facilitating the course in the Dewnans Centre or Stour. 

We will provide a comfortable space and tea and coffee refreshments. Please ask us about any special resources and equipment you may need.

Assessment – If you want to introduce some form of assessment or facilitate an accredited course please ensure that the Discovery Centre and the students are aware in advance. 

Certificates – Please provide a certificate of attendance. If you are unable to do so please let us know in advance and we will offer our support.

Shared expectations – The Discovery Centre provides all students with a student handbook. The handbook makes it clear that we expect certain standards of acceptable behaviour; all students will be expected to behave with respect towards fellow students and tutors. Disruptive or aggressive behaviour is not acceptable and any student who is disturbing the work of others, or whose behaviour is threatening or abusive may be asked to return to their ward. 

As far as possible we aim to be able to accommodate all levels of attendance and participation, and to make students feel welcome even if they do not feel able to take a full part in the session.

Confidentiality and information governance - Students will expect that their attendance, participation and discussions during the courses will be kept confidential. If you have any concerns which arise during or after the session please talk to an appropriate member of the Discovery Centre team present in the session when you are able to do so. 

When sending any information containing details of students’ names or personal details, please ensure that it is secure (ie within NHSMail, or by post)

Student wellbeing and emergencies – the Discovery Centre staff will be present throughout the session and will attend to any concerns or emergencies that may arise. If you do have any questions or concerns please ask the Discovery Centre staff present. 

Evaluation- At the end of the session all students are given the opportunity to provide feedback by completing evaluation forms. You will also be asked to complete a tutor evaluation form.

Student fees and expenses -The courses provided by the Discovery centre are available to all of our students free of charge. 

Cancelling a course - Once the course is advertised in the prospectus, we consider that we have an obligation to students to offer it. If for any reason you are not able to continue to teach it, please let us know as soon as possible. We will be grateful for any suggestions about someone who can take your place but it is not your responsibility to find an alternative tutor.

If you are not able to attend on the day of a course, for example because of illness, please let us know as soon possible by contacting Joanna or Kirsty on 01626 884653.