Co-production guidelines

If you agree to co-produce a course at the Discovery Centre we hope the following guidelines will help you:

  • Make contact with your co-producer, and arrange to have a meeting.
  • Take the time to get to know your co-producer.  Generate a shared understanding, and explore different perspectives.  
  • Complete the course plan template (we will provide you with a copy of this), and use it as a basis to help you both to agree on an outline for the course.
  • Make time to develop your outline, and decide what areas to expand upon.
  • Agree the actions that you will each take as a follow up from the meeting.
  • Check that your co-producer feels comfortable with their tasks, and that they will be able to access any necessary materials.
  • Arrange more meetings as necessary to ensure that you are both happy and familiar with the course and its contents.
  • Prepare a power point presentation or course materials together with your co-facilitator.
  • Remember to support your co-facilitator as much as you can, and enjoy the experience.
  • Once you have co-produced a course, take the time to review the experience.