Offender Personality Disorder Service

Our Offender Personality Disorder Service is based at Langdon, alongside our forensic mental health service. We support male offenders with a diagnosis of a personality disorder, by providing a number of services including:

  • Pathfinder 
  • Probation Personality Disorder (PD) Consultation 
  • Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT).


Our Pathfinder service is a multidisciplinary team providing an alternative therapeutic care pathway for men requiring medium or low secure psychiatric care. The team consists of qualified and forensically experienced professionals, including clinical psychologists, assistant psychologists, senior nurses and a senior occupational therapist.

The team works across the south west peninsula with men who want to make changes in their lives that could help reduce the possibility of their re-offending.

Referrals can be made to Pathfinder by community mental health teams and mental health teams working in prisons.

Probation Personality Disorder Consultation Service

We provide a consultation service to Offender Managers to identify men with a personality disorder early in their sentences. Having done so, we work with them to provide clear treatment and intervention pathways. Our aim is to reduce the risk of serious re-offending and harm to others and retain or return prisoners to the community in a planned and safe manner.

Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT)

MBT is a group-based therapy designed to help offenders develop greater self-control through learning to recognise their thought-processes and emotions more effectively. People are offered the treatment via screening through the Probation Personality Disorder Consultation Service.

It is a talking treatment based on the idea that we all want to be understood. It is about how we understand other people by having an idea of what they are thinking and feeling, and the reasons for their behaviour.  MBT offers offenders a chance to better understand their own and other peoples’ thoughts and feelings.  It can help them learn to manage difficult feelings and situations. MBT can also help to reduce offending, improve psychological health, wellbeing and pro-social behaviour.

Intervention consists of a weekly group meeting and monthly individual support meeting with participants. There is currently one MBT group based in Exeter and a second MBT group in Torbay.