Forensic Personality Disorder Service (FPDS)

The main focus of the FPDS is to provide help to service users with a primary diagnosis of personality disorder, who meet the criteria for detention under the Mental Health Act and are in secure services. The service provides assessment, consultation, training indirect and direct work with service users to help them access effective and timely treatment. FDPS also helps to reduce the use of out of area or specialist personality disorder placements for patients with a primary diagnosis of personality disorder, and to support/facilitate the use of South West Network beds for these patients where possible. 

The FDPS is a peninsula wide service for service users from Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly who may have placements in local services but may have been transferred out of their home area to hospitals across the country.  

The service is not designed to offer crisis or acute care, however we will endeavor to provide a timely response dependent on prioritization. The FPDS actively collaborates with partner agencies.