Carers and families

We believe that carers, families and friends are as important as the person staying at Langdon.

We work hard to develop real partnerships with carers. By providing opportunities for them to share their experiences, we can work together to improve the services we offer. 

We know that the idea of a secure hospital setting can be a frightening experience when a loved one, friend or relative is admitted. But it doesn’t need to be.

What happens when your loved one is admitted?

We will contact you within 48 hours of admission. We will visit you to gain a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and experiences. We will be asking you to share information, but alongside this we would value your views about the person's strengths, hobbies, activities and positive factors that were in their life before the onset of their mental health difficulties. 

This will help us understand the person that exists alongside the diagnosis.

We will provide you with a carers information pack. This contains the following:

  • What we offer at Langdon Hospital
  • Reasons for admission
  • The legal framework, mental health tribunal, hospital managers meetings, confidentiality
  • Who is involved in your relative's care - key people and what they do
  • Visiting Langdon, video conferencing and skype
  • Care, treatment and restraint
  • Help, support, useful information, contact numbers
  • Carers events.

Getting involved

We provide a number of ways you can get involved as a carer:

  • Attend a carers event, which we hold twice a year
  • Get involved in the recruitment of our staff
  • Get involved in the delivery of 'customer care' training for our staff
  • Represent carers on our governance forum
  • Deliver sessions for other carers in our Discovery Centre
  • Carers newsletter.

As well as having the opportunity to attend one of our carers events, you will also be kept up-to-date by our carers newsletter which the patients produce three times a year.

Tell us what you think

As a carer, family or friend of someone who is a patient at Langdon Hospital, we welcome your feedback about the care and treatment we offer and the information we provide to you as a carer.

‚ÄčHelp us provide better care. Please complete a short online survey about your experience as a carer. You can follow this link to the survey or use the QR code.

Feedback from surveys is collated with actions agreed and followed up through the Family and Friends Steering Group.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, which will help us to continually improve the services we offer.

More information

The launch of our new Carers' Strategy 2024-2027 took place in January 2024. Click here to read the strategy.

If you want more information or have any questions or comments please email or visit our main Carers and Families page.