Liaison and diversion

We provide a service across Devon to help identify vulnerable people of all ages as they come to the attention of the criminal justice system. Our team of professionals are available in all Police Custody Units and Crown and Magistrate Courts in Devon.

What happens if I am referred to this team?

A member of the Police Custody or Court Team will discuss referring you to see a member of the Devon Liaison and Diversion Team if they have concerns that you may have mental health, learning disability, alcohol or substance misuse issues. If you agree to this, a member of the Devon Liaison and Diversion Team will come to see you and make an assessment of your presenting needs and risks. This assessment will involve you talking to a member of the team about your current issues and anything that has happened in the past that has had an impact on your current wellbeing.

What do we offer?

Our team of professionals can:

  • Provide an assessment of your needs whilst you are detained in Police Custody or Courts
  • Advise custody and court staff on how to support you and your presenting needs throughout your criminal justice journey
  • Liaise with those agencies who may be working with you already to advise them of your current circumstances so that they can offer you ongoing support (We will ask your permission before we do this)
  • Signpost or refer you onto services appropriate to your presenting need.


Our operating hours are 8am – 6pm seven days a week. Our staff are based in custody units in Barnstaple, Exeter, Torquay and Plymouth.


Devon Liaison and Diversion Service
Tel: 01392 208768

Referring to our service

Referrals to our Liaison and Diversion Service can be made by a wide range of agencies and other professionals such as:

  • Criminal courts
  • Crown Prosecution Service
  • Custody escort services
  • Defence lawyers
  • Probation service
  • Social workers
  • Youth offending teams
  • Self-referrals
  • Carers and family members
  • Appropriate adults
  • Arrest-referral workers
  • Community mental health teams
  • Alcohol and drug treatment services
  • Prisons
  • Police
  • Custody healthcare providers

To make a referral please contact:

Devon Referrals Single Point of Contact
Tel: 01392 208768