Who we are

Our service is for male and female adults with past and current lived experience of mental health difficulties often described by professionals as severe, complex in nature and particularly with people who receive a diagnosis of personality disorder.

  • Those with a diagnosis of personality disorder or other severe and enduring mental illness where therapy has been considered but there is a risk of increased self harm, harm to others, psychotic breakdown or child protection issues which are likely to require support and careful management between sessions.
  • Cases which teams are finding particularly difficult to manage, where team members are becoming stressed, split or enmeshed in response to the patient’s difficulties.

The combined therapy approach keeps the person at the centre of their care and recovery and is very often described by them as being hard work. It also aims to work collaboratively and support the professionals in the whole circle of care in particular the care coordinator and we will hold programme reviews in addition to reviews held by current health care professionals.

The people who are suitable for the programme may have found it difficult for services to help manage their difficulties and opinions and views become ‘split’ and stuck.

Many people will experience crisis during the programme and increased impulses such as to self-harm and psychotic type episodes wth surreal and unreal experiences increasing, issues around every day roles for those in the community may come under pressure.

The approach can be helpful for problems that often arise out of childhood and family experiences - illness, disability, trauma and relationship difficulties that continue to impact on current relationships, self-esteem and capacity to achieve full potential.