How to refer to our service

It is helpful to discuss the referral with your patient. It is useful but not always essential for them to be well motivated. Sometimes motivation is arrived at through a lengthy period of engagement. We would be looking for a willingness to try something different and a desire to change.

Include with the referral as a minimum:

  • Core information up to date and clustering completed including consent
  • CPA Care Plan up to date current care plans
  • Risk assessment, risk statement and risk care plan up to date and recently reviewed
  • A covering letter to include anticipated goals for the person, relevant medical and psychiatric history including current medication, personal history, professionals and other agencies involved if not stated elsewhere
  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Allergies
  • Family Form on CareNotes completed

Always email to notify of the referral. The referral is not a transfer of care and we will need to assess the person for the programme, look at the current milieu and the waiting list. It is a requirement for patients within the Personality Disorder Service to remain care coordinated throughout their treatment.