Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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General information

Meal times

Breakfast from 8am - Lunch 12.30pm - Tea 5.00pm. Tea, coffee and snacks are served regularly throughout the day and are always available on request. Also, a variety of drinks and snacks are available for you to help yourself to in the dining area.

Visiting times

Apart from when you are involved in therapeutic activities visiting times are from 2pm – 5pm and 6pm - 8pm.

Other times can be arranged with ward staff. We do, however, ask that people do not arrange visits at meal times. Please let the ward staff know when your visitors are coming, particularly if they are bringing children, as we will make a room available. All visitors are expected to sign in and sign out when arriving and leaving.


It is advisable not to bring cash or valuables onto Rougemont Ward (other than a small amount of pocket money if desired). If valuables are brought in, they can be placed in the safe and a receipt will be issued.

Please ensure you bring the following items:

  • Toiletries
  • Nightwear, dressing gown and slippers
  • Day clothes
  • Sensible footwear
  • Coat/jacket

Electrical items, such as chargers for phones and razors etc, will have to be PAT tested by the hospital electrician before they can be used while you are with us. Please hand these items to the nursing staff when you arrive so that they can arrange for them to be tested and returned to you as soon as possible

We cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to anything you bring in unless it has been handed over for safe keeping and a receipt obtained.


Facilities are available for you to wash your own clothes, with assistance if required. Your family or friends can take it away and do it themselves if you prefer.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags are not allowed on the ward for safety reasons and you are likely to see nursing staff undertaking safety checks for plastic bags while you are here. If you have a plastic bag please give it to the nursing staff for disposal. If visitors bring you items in plastic bags please advise them to take the bag(s) home with them.

Plastic bags will not be issued when you are discharged to carry your personal belongings home, so please ensure you have a suitcase or other suitable bag. If you do not have a bag to pack your personal belongings into when you are discharged, the ward staff will give you a cardboard box.


In common with the whole of the NHS, we operate a no-smoking policy. People can smoke in designated areas but visitors and staff are not permitted to smoke anywhere on NHS property.