General information

Meal times

Breakfast from 8am - Lunch 12.30pm - Tea 5.30pm. Tea, coffee and snacks are served regularly throughout the day and are always available on request. Also, a variety of drinks and snacks are available for you to help yourself to in the dining area.

Visiting times

Apart from when you are involved in therapeutic activities, visiting hours are usually between 2pm and 5pm. We do, however, ask that people do not arrange visits at meal times (see above). Other times can be arranged with ward staff. Please let the ward staff know when your visitors are coming, particularly if they are bringing children, as we will make a room available. All visitors are expected to sign-in and sign-out when arriving and leaving.


It is advisable not to bring cash or valuables into Belvedere (other than a small amount of pocket money if desired). If valuables are brought in, they can be placed in the safe and a receipt will be issued.

We cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to anything you bring in unless it has been handed over for safe keeping and a receipt obtained.


Laundry is undertaken at a local laundrette, or your family and friends can take it away to do themselves, if you prefer.


In common with the whole of the NHS, we operate a no-smoking policy. People can smoke in designated areas but visitors and staff are not permitted to smoke anywhere on NHS property.

Support for carers and family members

Staff are available to discuss any particular concerns that family members or carers may have in connection with their relative’s care. We may signpost you to other services for additional support. A carers' DVD is available on request.