Our wards

Sometimes people will require a stay in hospital on one of our wards where we will provide assessment, more intense care, support and treatment for older people with acute mental health needs.

Where you will stay

If you require a hospital stay as a result of a severe mental health need, such as depression, anxiety and pscyhosis, you will stay in one of the following wards, depending on where you live.

  • Beech in Torbay
  • Meadow View in Barnstaple
  • Rougemont in Exeter

If your stay in hospital is required due to a mental health need, such as dementia, you will be admitted for assessment and treatment to:

  • Belvedere in Exeter

Read more about each of our wards, what we provide and what to expect opposite.

Our commitment to you

We want all the people who use our service to feel that care is delivered with compassion, equality and respect. You have the right to be involved in all aspects of your care and you are encouraged to question anything you do not understand or agree with.


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We place a high importance on ensuring the privacy and dignity of all the people who use our service.

Our promises to you:

  • Privacy – Freedom from intrusion
  • Dignity – Being treated well at all times
  • Respect – A courteous regard for people’s feelings, rights, values and beliefs.

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