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What happens on the day?

Your assessment will start with a CT scan of your head, unless you have already had one in the past 12 months. This takes place in the hospital’s Radiology Department. The scan will use X-rays and a computer to create detailed images of the inside of your head. During the scan you will usually lie on your back on a flat bed. When you are comfortable and ready, the staff will leave the room but they will continue to talk to you using an intercom. The scanner table then moves into position to take the first picture. The scanner rotates in small movements
around your head to take further pictures. Up to 30 pictures might be taken during one session. The scan is a painless procedure and usually takes about 10 minutes.

Following your scan, a member of staff will direct you to the Memory Clinic.

At the Memory Clinic you will see:

  • An assistant psychologist, nurse or occupational therapist who will undertake a neuropsychological assessment, which will assess your memory and other areas such as language and concentration.
  • A support worker who, with your consent, will talk to your relative or friend while you are with the psychologist. They will ask questions about you and the problems you have been experiencing.
  • A doctor who will discuss your scan results, the outcome of your assessment and medication if indicated.

How long with the assessment take?

Please allow up to four hours for your overall appointment which combines the CT scan and memory assessment.