Tell me more about living in a social role that matches my gender identity

Experiencing life in the social role that matches your gender, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, before committing yourself to irreversible medical treatments is often crucial to a successful outcome.

This period of time in which you live exclusively in your new social role is really important because it will give you confidence that you can live successfully in that role for the rest of your life. You will be given help and support in developing your own personal approach and style.

The first thing to know is that this is not a test.  It is an opportunity to explore the realities of what life will be like living as what you believe to be your true self.  Sometimes this is difficult and there may be occasions when it feels overwhelming.

As your situation changes, you will be given the support of the clinic by having regular psychotherapy sessions. We believe that this is an important part of your treatment.  No issue is taboo, no question is silly but what is important is to be honest with yourself and with us.