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Do you understand my problem?

Our team are dedicated to helping people with concerns about gender and with gender dysphoria; we hear the authentic voices of hundreds of individuals, allowing us an understanding of the challenges and hopes of gender incongruent people, be they binary, non-binary or agender, and trans or not.

Everyone’s experience is individual and different; our approach is to listen to your experiences and help you to find a life where intrusive concerns about gender, social role and physical sex characteristics are a thing of the past.

We understand gender incongruence as a developmental difference, not as a disorder and not as a mental health problem. Many people with gender incongruence are distressed by their experience and by the response of family and society to their difference; this can be described as gender dysphoria. It is a natural response to their circumstances, as is distress when faced with other challenging health issues.

We will help you to address physical, psychological and emotional issues and to develop new skills and resilience in dealing with life’s day-to-day challenges.  We understand that people often face discrimination and difficult social issues.

The decision to embark on your “transition”, which usually involves both a change in your gender-specific role in society and your physical sex characteristics, is a journey of self-discovery and we’re here to help you.

It won’t be easy but 70% of the participants in a research group* were more satisfied with their lives after transitioning and only 2% were less satisfied.

We have a dedicated team with a high level of expertise and knowledge. The clinical team consists of medical staff, psychotherapists and clinic support staff, and a team of volunteers who want to offer you their support.

Source: Trans Mental Health Study 2012