Your assessment

Your initial assessment is with one of our psychotherapists and is concluded by one of our doctors. We aim to complete your assessment within 4-5 months.

Following your assessment, there is the opportunity to enter into a period of living life in a social role that matches your gender. During this time you will be offered ongoing support, counselling, occupational therapy or psychotherapy. Regular contact with our clinical team is maintained.

Hormone therapy

At the end of your initial assessment do not expect to be given hormone therapy immediately. We will want to liaise with your GP and arrange various tests before recommending hormone treatment.

An assessment of your general health, in collaboration with your GP, will precede treatment.

How often you will be seen

Following your assessment you will be seen approximately every six weeks by your therapist and every three months by your clinic doctor. You also have the opportunity to see our occupational therapist to support you through the process of transition. We can also offer appointments via skype.

Unable to attend your assessment?

If you are unable to attend your assessment, please let us know, so we can offer your appointment to someone else who is on our waiting list.

Help with travel costs

You may be able to claim a refund of reasonable travel costs under the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme