Accessing our service

Making that first contact with us or your GP is your first step to helping you on your journey of ‘who you want to be’.

Consultation with your GP

To be referred to the West of England Specialist Gender Identity Clinic, you will first have to approach your GP. If they feel it is appropriate they will make a referral.

Providing you are aged 17 or over and registered with a GP in England, they will be able to refer you to the West of England Specialist Gender Identity Clinic. 

Can I change clinic when in treatment?

Sometimes people who have started treatment with private consultants or another NHS provider find they would prefer to be treated at the West of England Specialist Gender Identity Clinic.  

If you have been treated privately and wish to transfer to the NHS you will have to start the process by approaching your GP as you cannot make a self-referral to the clinic. If you wish to transfer from another NHS clinic either ask your GP to refer you or approach your current clinic and ask them to transfer your care to us.

What happens after referral?

After receiving your referral we will send you a confirmation letter and information about support available while you are waiting for your appointment.

Our current waiting time from receiving your referral to your first appointment is approximately 29 months. You can expect to begin treatment from around a further 30 months following your first appointment. However, each person will have different needs.