Waiting times

It currently takes between 60 to 66 months from initial referral to diagnostic assessment. This waiting time is subject to change. There are many factors that could affect this, and it will not be the same for everyone. Therefore, this should NOT be used to estimate your appointment date. 
The following is a broad overview of our waiting times:
  1. The initial clinical contact to gather information is currently taking place approximately 36 months from the date of initial referral. Following this you will be allocated a Named Professional, who will be your point of contact and support at the clinic.
  2. There follows a 30 month wait for a diagnostic assessment with a Lead Professional. After this assessment an appropriate treatment plan will be initiated. 
Waiting time information last updated: 13 June 2019.
​We endeavour to update this information on a regular basis.
The West of England Specialist Gender Identity Service offers assessment and support to people aged 18 and above with Gender Dysphoria.
Gender Dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there’s a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. It is sometimes known as gender incongruence. 
You can find out more about this on the NHS website here
Our team will complete a full assessment of people referred to us which includes looking at mental, social and physical health.
Once the assessment stages have been completed and you have a diagnosis, and you are ready to move forward with treatment, we can start you on our care pathway.