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Bulimia symptoms

There are three key signs of bulimia and these show themselves as psychological signs, behaviour patterns and assorted physical signs.

If you think you might have bulimia, it’s time to get some help, talk to a friend or ask your GP for help.

Psychological signs Behaviour patterns Physical signs
Volatile mood swings Eating excessive amounts of food
over a certain period of time
Dry or poor skin
A feeling of being out of control
when binging
Being sick after eating Sore throat
Feeling guilty about eating Abusing laxatives Swollen glands
Feeling ashamed or depressed Excessive exercising Mouth infections
Poor perception of body weight and size  Restricting calories Irregular periods
Fear of gaining weight   Stomach pains
    Stomach pains
    Sleep problems
    Sensitive teeth

Red – danger symptoms

Blue – associated symptoms

If you have bulimia symptoms, talk to your GP.