Anorexia symptoms

There are three key signs of anorexia and these show themselves as psychological signs, behaviour patterns and the more obvious physical signs.

Consider how you’re feeling, identify how your behaviour is different to other people’s and how your body is showing outward signs that something is not quite right. 

Psychological signs Behaviour patterns Physical signs
Feeling insecure and emotional Over exercising Severe weight loss
Obsessed with dieting Feeling withdrawn BMI less than 85% of expected
Volatile mood swings Wearing baggy clothes

Periods stopping
(women) 3 or more in a row

Poor perception of body weight and size Lack of concentration Difficulty in sleeping
Constantly thinking about food  Denying that there is a problem Feeling cold and poor circulation
Fear of gaining weight Lying about eating Dizzy spells or fainting
Depression   Constipation
    Stomach pains
    Hormonal changes in men and boys

Red – danger symptoms

Blue – associated symptoms

If you have anorexia symptoms, talk to your GP.