Workways provides advice, information and practical support focusing on helping people find or remain in employment. 

We are available to help you find employment if you are aged 16 and over and live in Exeter, East, Mid, North, South and West Devon or Torbay and have a Care Co-ordinator from your local Community Mental Health Team (CMHT).

If you require support to stay in work we can offer this if you live in Exeter, East or Mid Devon. You do not need a Care Co-ordinator to access this service.

There is no ‘referral’ system, people complete a simple application form in order to access the service.

Workways has been recognised by the Centre of Mental Health in London as a Centre of Excellence in providing the IPS – Individual Placement & Support – approach to people using mental health services in Devon.‚Äč

Find out more on the Workways website. You can also follow Workways on Twitter.

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Workways gave me the confidence boost I needed to start actively looking for work again. It helped me get my head in order and a clear plan in place. Help with permitted hours, benefits etc. has been invaluable. Huge big thank you!

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