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On arrival

When you arrive at Russell Clinic you will be welcomed by a member of the team who will show you around and indicate where your bedroom is located. We will make a list of your personal property and talk to you about items that may not be appropriate to bring in.

On your first day you will have the opportunity to spend time with both a nurse and a doctor talking about how life is currently and immediate things you would like to change or work on.

We also offer physical health screening as part of the admission process and this is ongoing throughout your stay with us.

Who you'll meet

We take a multi-disciplinary approach in helping with your recovery. We do not wear a uniform but can be identified as we all wear name badges. There is a 'meet the team' board in the reception area with photos of all staff currently working at Russell Clinic.

People you will meet are:

  • Consultant Psychiatrist: The consultant psychiatrist is the most senior doctor on the unit, with overall responsibility your care
  • Occupational Therapist: The occupational therapist works with you to identify your strengths, interests and skills 
  • Nurse in charge: The Nurse in charge coordinates and manages each nursing shift
  • Named nurse: Your named nurse is a qualified nurse responsible for coordinating your care whilst you are staying with us
  • Associate nurse: The associate nurse supports the named nurse in assisting with your recovery
  • Daily allocated nurse: each nursing shift you will be allocated a nurse or nursing assistant. You will be able to see who is allocated on each shift on the white board outside the nursing office
  • Students: We support the teaching of students from various professions. From time-to-time you may be asked whether a student can be present or deliver part of your care. Verbal consent will be sought and you have the right to refuse. All students are supervised by a qualified member of staff.