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During your stay

If your are in hospital because you were admitted under a section of the Mental Health Act you may find your experience more restricted than other people staying at Russell Clinic. Your Named Nurse will be able to help you understand what this means and give you information about your right to appeal. 

Day to day

There is an expectation that you get yourself up between 8am-9am, attend to personal hygiene (shower/bath, clean clothes, laundry) and have breakfast.

Monday to Friday at 10am  there is a planning meeting with an outline of activities for the day. There is an expectation that you will participate in the programmed activities.

There will also be opportunities to attend groups in the community and have 1:1 time with the allocated nurse for any support you require.

At weekends the ward tends to be much quieter and on the whole this is considered to be personal time. However, the allocated nurse may still plan activities with you during this time. On Saturdays, you are required to change your bed linen, hoover and wipe the surfaces in your rooms.

There is a weekly resident’s meeting held in the lounge on Thursday evenings. This is an opportunity to share any ideas, suggest improvements and feel supported by others.

You will be asked to fill out your menu preferences on a daily basis.   

Meal times are: breakfast 8am-9:30am; lunch 12:30pm-1pm; tea 5pm-6pm; supper 7.30m-9pm. Hot and cold drinks are available throughout the day in the main kitchen.

Visiting hours

We suggest any visitors ring the ward first to check that you are available so as not to interrupt your programme.

Visiting hours are between 4.30pm and 9pm. Please note visitors are not permitted in your bedroom. People under 18 are able to visit, with prior notice to  the medical and nursing staff.


You will have access to the following facilities:

  • Internet:  There is a computer in the resource room that is available for use outside the programme hours. 
  • Laundry room : There is a washing machine, tumble dryer and ironing board located in the laundry room. Staff will happily show you how to use these.
  • Cooking : There is a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering purposes.  If you wish to self-cater you can let a member of staff know. We can support you with learning new skills and can put appropriate plans into place.

Leaving the ward

You need to check with staff before leaving the ward. You'll need to and sign in and out and let staff know of your whereabouts.

Your progress

A review meeting is arranged every two weeks with members of the multidisciplinary team. This is an opportunity for you to meet with all the people supporting your recovery. In the meeting we will discuss your progress and achievements so far and the goals that you are working towards . We will then think about what support you might need to achieve your goals and how you can get this. It is very helpful for carers to attend these reviews and they will be invited with your permission.