Redhills House

Redhills House in Exeter offers a welcoming, safe and friendly environment for people who are experiencing a mental health crisis and who need a short period of intensive support away from home.

We are open 24/7 every day of the year.

Our main aim is to help you manage and resolve your crisis through assessment and treatment in a homely environment, alongside our Exeter, East and Mid Devon Home Treatment Team.

The Home Treatment Team will decide if they think that a stay at Redhills would be helpful for you, based on your individual needs and will discuss this option with you. A stay at Redhills will form a part of your individual package of home treatment.

Our Home Treatment Team will visit you daily whilst you are at the house and will agree with you, your length of stay and outcomes/activities. These will be included in your personal Home Treatment care plan which will clearly outline your goals.

Everyone accessing Redhills agrees to a ‘mutual agreement’ which covers information about what you can expect within the house and the expectations placed on you whilst you are at the house.

The Redhills team will support you in your mental health crisis and help you to discuss the nature of the crisis you are experiencing, as well as the strengths and coping skills you might want to use to decrease your distress and promote your wellbeing.

We can support up to five people at any one time.

We aim to provide a welcoming environment with a key with a focus on: 

  • Emotional support and resilience building.
  • A range of recreational and leisure activities. These may be provided by us or individuals may be linked with other local support, including our Recovery College – Devon Recovery Learning Community  
  • Access to local resource directories and advice/signposting to access services.
  • Links to our WORKWAYS employment support.
  • Support with daily living tasks, for example, cooking, cleaning and gardening.