Questions you may have

Why have I been admitted to hospital?

You have been admitted to hospital so your mental health can be further assessed and for you to receive the support you need. Our wards provide a safe environment for this to happen. Our specialist team will assess you and then offer you the care that best suits your needs. If you have any questions about The Mental Health Act please talk to staff. They will be more than happy to inform you of your rights and answer any questions you might have.

When will I be discharged?

The aim of you staying with us is to aid your recovery so you can return back to your everyday life. This is your recovery and we will of course involve you in decisions around this. We all want what is best for you and do not wish to have you staying with us longer than needed. Upon your arrival plans for your discharge will already be put into motion. 

How safe is the ward environment?

We understand that despite the ward being a safe environment it can also be a difficult place to stay for long periods of time. 

People can become very frightened, confused and distressed and we are here to help and support them.  At times it may be necessary for us to physically intervene to prevent harm to a person or to those around them. Our intention is to always do this respectfully and in the most dignified manner.  

What happens to valuable items?

Looking after valuable items is difficult in hospital as they can get lost, broken and borrowed by others. Please ask for these items to be kept securely. 

Can I smoke?

We understand that people may need to smoke at this time.  However, we do offer smoking cessation support and are working towards a smoke free environment.

Can I leave hospital?

Yes. You can discuss having time off the ward with your consultant which can then be tailored to your specific needs.  This is called Section 17 Leave.  Nurses will always check how you are feeling before you leave the ward to ensure you are safe whilst spending time off the ward. This is called a pre-leave check. 

It is important to stay in touch as the nurses will be concerned if you do not return at the agreed time. We have a duty of care to keep you safe and we may ask the police to support us in this if you do not return.

How long will I stay in hospital?

Times can vary depending on your Status of either being an informal patient or under section, but we do not plan on having you stay with us any longer than necessary. 

What about the people who are important to me?

The people that are close and important to you are important to us as well. We will always ask them how they are and encourage them to speak with us about their thoughts and/or concerns.