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During your stay

Getting through the day can be difficult on the ward, but you will be encouraged to maintain a normal routine and we have a range of activities on offer. Our occupational therapy team can work with you to design an activity plan specifically for you, to help you get back to doing things you enjoy and that are important to you.

You will be offered time to meet daily with your Allocated Nurse.

Allocated Nurse

You will have an Allocated Nurse assigned to you at each nursing shift. If your Named Nurse is working then he or she will be allocated to you. If not, another member of the team will be your point of contact for the shift.


Your doctor may prescribe medication for you. A ward doctor can usually answer any questions you may have about your medication.

A pharmacist is available to assist you with any concerns or queries regarding medication. There are also leaflets available with more detailed information about individual medications available on request.

Leaving hospital

Leaving hospital is an important life event, so it is essential that you receive the best quality of discharge care. Planning for your discharge will commence soon after your arrival and will be part of your care planning. We will discuss this with you so that we can ensure all appropriate services are in place for you when you leave.

We will discuss this in a review of your care with your doctor, with your Named Nurse, family, friends or carer and an occupational therapist. You may hear this as a ‘ward round’.

The following suggestions are things you might need to consider before leaving:

  • Do you have accommodation?
  • Is your housing secure and fit to live in?
  • Is your gas and electricity connected?
  • Do you have food in?
  • Are you finances sorted out?
  • Do you have your keys?

In preparation for leaving it may be recommended that you have a home visit with someone you trust. 

If you are staying in hospital under a section 3 of the Mental Health Act, there is a legal requirement to formally plan aftercare. This is called a section 117 planning meeting where a formal conversation is recorded about the most appropriate aftercare for you. 

If you have a care coordinator they will attend the ward round meeting to be involved with your discharge plan.

You may also need some medication to take home with you.

Depending on your needs, you may also be referred to one of our crisis resolution home treatment teams, following your discharge, to help support you for a short while.