Our Devon Adult Autism and ADHD Service provides diagnostic assessments and some post-diagnostic support for adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In addition, the ADHD side of the service offer pharmacological and psychological intervention pathways. For a more detailed description of what the service offers, please see below. 

Our service supplements existing services and provides training and support to Devon Partnership NHS Trust staff to further understand and support people with a diagnosis of autism/ADHD, to enable them to have sufficient skills and knowledge for this client group.

  • We have seen a significant rise in referrals recently. Please see our Waiting times page for more details.

The services we offer include:

Autism service:

  • Diagnostic assessment of autism/ADHD
  • Advice for staff currently supporting a person with a diagnosis of autism/ADHD 
  • Training for staff in further understanding and working with people with a diagnosis of autism/ADHD
  • A post diagnostic workshop and group based support for those diagnosed with autism by our service

ADHD service:

As above and also including:  

  • Review of ADHD for people who have a previous diagnosis of ADHD (in childhood for example) where the ADHD is still significantly impacting on their lives 
  • Medication titration for people with a diagnosis of ADHD, where the ADHD has a moderate- severe impact on their lives 
  • Psychological interventions for adults with ADHD to help them manage the difficulties associated with ADHD 
  • Self- help materials and resources for people with ADHD and their family and friends
  • Annual reviews of people who have a diagnosis of ADHD and are receiving pharmacological treatment for their ADHD