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World Mental Health Day - Devon Wellbeing Hub

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Mental health on 8th October, 2021

This Sunday 10 October marks World Mental Health Day – an event celebrated globally that aims to bring people together to discuss the importance of taking care of our mental health. This year’s theme is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’, bringing to light the inequalities many people face in their experience of mental ill health and mental healthcare.

Here in Devon, we’re keen to use the day to highlight the importance of getting support when you need it. On top of our high-pressured and demanding roles within healthcare, the police and social care, we have been dealing with the impact the pandemic has had on us, such as a huge change in family life and living arrangements; financial strains; increased anxiety; family illness and bereavement. Many of us may be struggling more with our mental health and wellbeing as a result, and Devon Wellbeing Hub is here to support you.

Devon Wellbeing Hub’s Lead Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Natalie Duncan, said: “We who work in the NHS, healthcare, social care and the police are usually the last people to seek support; we’re so used to being in that caring role that we often don’t seek help for ourselves.”

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Natalie Canepa added, “We recognise that it’s really hard in this field of work to reach out. I want to emphasise that our service is completely confidential. It’s really good just to reach out before it gets too bad – and there is nothing wrong with doing that. It shows a lot of strength to ask for support.

“We’re trying to offer a safe space for people to be able to come along and speak about what has been going on for them. I think we can offer that empathy too, because we’ve been there – we’ve been working and living through the pandemic too and may have shared experiences.”

How can the Hub support me?

Devon Wellbeing Hub offers support to colleagues who are struggling with any element of their wellbeing

When getting in touch for support for yourself, you should expect to have an individual assessment with one of our Colleague Wellbeing Practitioners. This can take place either over the phone or through an MS Team call, with a range of time slots available. This assessment will be an open, non-judgemental opportunity for you to talk about your experiences, the way you are feeling and any issues or challenges you are facing. The assessments are hugely individualised to you and your needs. Your practitioner will work to create a ‘Wellbeing Plan’ collaboratively with you, aiming to break down any actions required to improve your wellbeing, which they will work through with you. This may also include actions that your workplace can take to support you, but this information will only be shared with your consent.

Within your assessment, your practitioner may signpost you to other services – for instance TALKWORKS or Plymouth Options talking therapy services or local counselling services – for you to seek further support with your mental health and wellbeing.

After this initial assessment, you will also have a follow up appointment with your practitioner, where you can discuss the Wellbeing Plan, any improvements that have been made, and any new actions support that you may require.

How can the Hub support my whole team?

Many teams who work together have been impacted by the pandemic. Both clinical and non-clinical teams have had to drastically change the way they’ve had to work, and have had to face challenges such as the pressures of working with increased PPE, adjusting to working from home, being redeployed into different departments and roles or dealing with an increased workload.

If the wellbeing of your whole team has been affected by the pandemic, the Hub is here to help. Support will be tailored to the specific needs of each team and may include reflective practice, supervision and coping strategies to help improve the psychological wellbeing of the team. The aim is to provide a space for teams to be supported to speak openly to one another about their experiences, and to enable them to heal, grow and improve their mental wellbeing together.

How do I get in touch?

If you are struggling with any element of your wellbeing, or you feel you would benefit from speaking to someone about your mental health, Devon Wellbeing Hub is here to help. The free, confidential service can give you the space to discuss your experience and help you to connect the dots to create a way forward.

To get in touch, simply give the Hub a call on 0300 303 5455 or send an email to Alternatively, you can fill in the simple referral form on the Hub’s website.

Please don’t struggle in silence – contact Devon Wellbeing Hub today.