Want to get involved in schizophrenia research?

Posted on 15th July, 2014

Our Research and Development Team is currently looking for participants for the following Schizophrenia study  DPIM - Schizophrenia DPIM (DNA Polymorphisms in Mental Illness) - Schizophrenia, is a research project to gain a better understanding of the genetics behind mental illness and the ways to treat them.  The study involves taking sample of DNA by saliva or blood and a short interview.  If you are interested in participating please contact: Jon Richards – 07890 569383 or email:  jon.richards@nhs.net. The Research and Development Team regularly run studies for dementia, mild cognitive impairment, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, autism, alcohol dependency, learning disabilities, genetics mapping and eating disorders.  If you are interested in further information or participation please Sarah laidler on 01392 674117 or email: sarahlaidler@nhs.net. Read more about our research and development here