Trust welcomes findings of NHS review

Posted on 2nd July, 2008

Devon Partnership NHS Trust has warmly welcomed the findings of Lord Darzi’s review of the NHS, High Quality Care for All, which has been published to coincide with the 60th birthday of the health service. Commenting on the review, the Trust’s Medical Director, Dr David Somerfield, said: “Helping people to stay healthy, giving them more choice and embracing new ideas and treatments are all themes that we are already trying to embed in modern mental health services. We are also striving to empower our frontline staff, unlock their potential and make them feel more valued. All of this work ties in very closely with Lord Darzi’s recommendations for improving the NHS. “We are also hopeful that the publication of the review, along with the NHS 60th birthday celebrations, will help us to raise the profile of mental health across the county. We have already recruited around 2,500 people to become members of our NHS Foundation Trust but are always looking for fresh opportunities to help people learn more about our work and to help tackle the stigma too often associated with mental illness and learning disability.” Dr Peter Aitken, Chair of the Trust’s Clinical Cabinet, added: “Lord Darzi’s review talks about the need for better clinical engagement and having a clinical voice at every level. I am very pleased to say that we have already made significant strides in this direction with the creation of our Clinical Cabinet a few years ago. All of the Trust’s major plans and decisions now have a clinical input and this is vital if we are to develop the services that local people want and need and maintain the highest possible standards.”