'Treat me well' theme for Learning Disability Week 2018

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Learning disability, Mental health, News on 19th June, 2018

The treatment people with a learning disability get in hospital is still not good enough in many parts of the country. 1,200 people with a learning disability die avoidably in hospital, each and every year.

The focus of this year’s Learning Disability Week, 18-24 June, is Mencap’s Treat me well campaign which calls for simple changes in hospital care that can make a big difference and help to save lives – better communication, more time and clearer information.

You can support the campaign by signing up on the Mencap website here  or consider becoming a Treat me well Champion.
Mencap asked doctors and nurses this simple question: “Do you know how many people with a learning disability die avoidably every year?” Watch the video below, by clicking the image, to see their answers. 

Also on the horizon this week is NHS Improvement’s launch of the new Learning Disability Improvement Standards for NHS Trusts, due out this Thursday. The first of their kind, they will help ensure all NHS Trusts measure and improve how they care for people with learning disabilities, autism or both. The metrics are based on a range of ‘expectations’ which self-advocates and families have set out.