Transforming lives together: DPT Charity's initiatives

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Charity, News on 25th August, 2023

DPT Charity aims to enhance the care for individuals with mental health, learning disability and neurodiversity needs within our organisation. Driven by the generosity of our communities, we are able to support individuals beyond NHS funding.

Daniel Robson, Head of Charity Fundraising, said: "We extend a warm thank you to our communities for the incredible support that has driven meaningful initiatives. Working together, we've made a real difference in various ways.

"The Chaplaincy team, with help from DPT Charity and local mental health groups, now offers vital support as part of mental health services. This helps people in a more complete way, in line with the Community Mental Health Framework.

"At Franklyn Hospital in Exeter, cycling joy is back thanks to adapted trikes sessions from Free Trike. These special three-wheel bikes bring back the fun of cycling for older people facing mental health challenges.

"Mindfulness is now part of our staff's wellbeing, thanks to a metal detecting group supported by the DPT Charity. It's a simple activity that brings peace and relief from stress.

"Patients have also been creative with support from the DPT Charity. Partnering with Exeter's Double Elephant Print Workshop, we've helped patients use nature's shapes and textures to create art.

"We are also proud to back the NHS Rainbow Badges initiative, showing that we welcome and support LGBTQI+ individuals. Over 1,000 staff members now wear these badges with pride.

"Staff wellbeing is essential, so we've achieved great things through the Head of Staff Health and Wellbeing role, thanks to support from NHS Charities Together. This includes surveys, training, and teamwork that make our workplace better for everyone.

"These initiatives show how big changes can come from everyone working together. Thank you to all who've made these projects possible."

For enquiries or further details about the DPT Charity, please contact Daniel on

Llama Coins found during mental detecting Artwork