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The importance of a smoke free home this Stoptober

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in News, Recovery and wellbeing on 29th October, 2021

Stoptober is drawing to a close. All those who have given up smoking for 28 days will now be feeling the benefits of a smoke free life. They will be feeling less breathless, have more energy and be sleeping better. Some may notice that their hair is thicker and the nicotine will no longer be staining their hands and teeth. More importantly, anyone who has given up smoking for the last 28 days is now five times more likely to give up for good.

Giving up smoking is hard which is why it is so important to remember the reasons to quit. It could be for financial reasons and to save money, or perhaps it’s to feel fitter and to create a healthier environment for the kids.

Having a smoke free home is so important for our children but also our pets and our non-smoking relatives. When you smoke indoors, your secondhand smoke lingers in the air for several hours. The cigarette smell may have gone, but the particles still remain in the air. Children breathe faster than adults meaning they breathe in more of the toxic chemicals from secondhand smoke. If you are a smoker and you smoke indoors, your home will have around seven times more harmful levels of chemicals than a smokefree household.

Children who live in a house with a smoker are at greater risk of asthma, colds, ear and chest infections. If a pregnant woman is sharing a house with a smoker, they are more prone to premature birth and their baby is at risk of a low birth weight and even cot death.

For those who may not yet be ready to quit and who live with children or non-smoking family members, the advice is clear: smoke outside. Opening a window or the back door to smoke will not evacuate all the lingering toxic chemicals. The Smoke Free Families website offers tips and information on how to keep your home (and car) smoke free.

It’s never too late to quit and as we have seen over the course of the month, help is at hand to set you on your quit journey.

OneSmallStep is the local Stop Smoking Service for Devon offering free one-to-one support with Specialist Stop Smoking advisors over the phone. They can be contacted by calling 01392 908139 or by emailing

Their advisors will provide up to 12 weeks of support and also provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), such as gum and patches, to help with withdrawal symptoms. Weekly support sessions will help keep you on track and your advisor will talk you through various coping mechanisms, tips and tricks to make things easier. 

For those seeking help in the Torbay and Plymouth areas, please contact the services below:

  • Torbay: Healthy Lifestyles Team on 0300 456 1006
  • Plymouth: One You Plymouth on 01752 437 177