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Thanks to all our Pharmacy Technicians!

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Learning disability, Mental health, News on 16th October, 2018

Today we’re celebrating Pharmacy Technician Day, those important members of our team who make sure that staff are prescribing medicines correctly and patients are using them safely. We have six Pharmacy Technicians across Devon Partnership Trust.

On a typical day, here are some of the tasks they carry out:

  • Medicine reconciliations
  • Assessing patients own medicines
  • Making named patient medication requests
  • Discussing with patients on admission about their medicines and providing patient information leaflets
  • Pre-discharge discussions with patients
  • Trial post discharge mini-medication assessment at home with the patient
  • Clozapine clinic
  • Asthma and COPD review clinic
  • Audits to ensure medicines are stored safely and recorded accurately
  • Staff training.

Chief Pharmacist, Tina Campbell comments: “We’d be lost without our Pharmacy Technicians - we depend on them for so much: the double and triple checking that dispensing medicines involves, the regular audits of medicines, ensuring the continual supply of vital medicines, not to mention being a source of all knowledge where medicines are concerned. We rely on their knowledge, their accuracy and attention to detail to keep patients safe.”

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