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Thank you to everyone that has supported our charity

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Charity, News on 15th June, 2020

Our incredible supporters are making a big difference during this pandemic to the wellbeing of those who use our services and staff through our charity. They are going above and beyond in the fundraising stakes, which also allows our organisation to go above and beyond, so we want to thank you for all the inventive things you are doing to support our COVID-19 appeal.

This includes Ollie who decided to climb the height of Everest via his stairs, which took him 7 days and raised a huge £1506 to support mental health at time when it is so important. Ollie demonstrates what it means to stay active during this time of lockdown, who climbed 3500 times and would have reached a height of 8848m. His mum Anna said: "He has to take every ounce of credit for what he has achieved. He didn't miss one step, and although he admitted so many times that he'd had enough, he never once wanted to quit. He has learnt that any battle can be won, or any mountain can be climbed if you just take it one day at a time. Life is so much easier that way. I will always remind him of this and remind him of his achievements."

Dom and Emma did a live 24hr disco on Facebook and raised £977 for our charity. Dom said, “When Emma and I came up with the crazy idea, we didn’t have any idea of hard it would be. Emma danced for almost a full 24 hours (had the occasional rest). I had to talk every 30 seconds, plus being awake for that long was tough. But it was worth it, and we would love to thank everyone who tuned in and of course everyone who donated”.

These incredible achievements and displays of determination allow our charity to exceed expectation every day and the money that has been raised has helped us provide garden furniture for rest areas, wellbeing boxes, plants to brighten up our environments, refreshments, sensory equipment, toiletries and so much more.

We want to continue to keep supporting where it is needed most and if you’d like to be one of our awesome fundraisers please email Daniel Robson, Head of Charity Fundraising at for more information.

Again thank you to everyone that has supported us, because you are the ones that make it possible.