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TALKWORKS - Working on your Wellbeing this Wellbeing Week

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Mental health on 23rd June, 2021

If you are looking for way to improve your mental health this Wellbeing Week, but are unsure of where to begin, TALKWORKS offer a range of free workshops that can start you off on the right track.

Often engaging in therapy can be seen as daunting, and sometimes it can mean making big changes, but it doesn’t have to. We could all do with a refresher on looking after ourselves, and the TALKWORKS Wellbeing Workshops offer just that. Full of useful, evidence-based information and advice on small changes that can make a big impact in your day to day life, they are open to anyone over 18 with a GP in Devon. You don’t even have to have an assessment with TALKWORKS to attend, just register and book! 

Lasting one to two hours, the workshops are currently led by our Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners online and are a very relaxed environment where you can engage as much or as little as you like. You don’t have to have to be depressed or anxious to attend, the workshops are designed with the day to day struggles we all face in mind.

So if are looking for a wellbeing refresher or you are unsure if TALKWORKS may be able to help you, have a look at the courses below, they are a great first step!

If you are struggling with day to day stress or worry…
Stress Less with TALKWORKS is a workshop introducing you to a range of techniques to help you manage stress. The workshop includes how to manage when worry is taking over your life, creating a manageable routines and tips to help you get a better night’s sleep. The session is all about teaching you some basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques and is led by two Wellbeing Practitioners. They will talk you through the theory behind CBT and how to make manageable change and there are plenty of chances to ask questions so you can engage as much or as little as you would like. To go along with the session you will be given resources to help you remember and implement the techniques, as well as lots more information on how and where to get further support should you wish for it.

If your sleep is bothering you…
The TALKWORKS For Sleep workshop is a CBT based course looking at the science of sleep, some common sleep problems, and evidence-based ways of improving sleep. Sleep is heavily linked to depression and anxiety and the workshop also gives an introduction to exploring this. A lot of the things we think we know about sleep are wrong, so this workshop is here to dispel some unhelpful myths. Participants can expect an interactive workshop, with useful handouts and links to further resources. Participants are encouraged to take part in discussions and exercises, but if you are not comfortable with this it is not mandatory, you are welcome to just listen in.

If you want to try Mindfulness…
Introduction to Mindfulness is an online session on the potential for mindfulness to help manage stress, anxiety, low mood and pain. The session will include being led through short guided meditation practices, space for some light discussions, and information on how to develop this practice further, including details about our nine-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction courses.

If you are pregnant or a new parent…
As new parents, you spend so much time looking after your little ones, and often don’t prioritise your own wellbeing. The Wellbeing for Parenthood workshop is aimed at supporting parents to build resilience and increase wellbeing in pregnancy and parenthood. It workshop is open to anyone who is pregnant or a parent to a child under the age of two. You can attend with children present if you are unable to access childcare. 

Booking information:

  • All of our workshops are currently held on Microsoft Teams, to attend you will need a smart phone, laptop or computer, a working email address, and a confidential space. 
  • Dates of the next available workshops can be found at
  • To book please call 0300 555 33 44.
  • If none of the above workshops suit your current needs then please do call us on the above number and book an initial assessment with one of our wellbeing practitioners, they can tailor CBT to your specific needs or help you find the right support service for you.