Standards Assurance

Posted on 22nd May, 2008

In April 2008, the Trust submitted a statement to the Healthcare Commission assuring them that we are meeting the core Standards for Better Health and the requirements of the Hygiene Code. The two exceptions to our compliance were in the areas of medicines management and mandatory training and we will be placing a greater emphasis on these issues over the forthcoming year. The Trust has continued to work hard to meet both existing and new national targets and has achieved this in all major service areas. This includes meeting targets for: ● Assertive outreach ● Crisis resolution ● Early intervention ● Suicide prevention ● Infection control ● Integration of services for older people ● Sustaining drug misusers in treatment ● Data quality on minority and ethnic groups ● Care in the community ● Obesity ● Schizophrenia ● Service user experience. Click here to view the Core standards declaration 2007/2008