South West building collaborative leadership programme

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in #ProudofDPT, Mental health, News on 13th June, 2017

We are lucky to have had three teams selected to take part in a new collaborative leadership programme developed by the South West Leadership Academy in partnership with the Kings Fund.

  • The Together Programme led by Chris Burford and colleagues.
  • The Cedars Academy Programme led by Sue Speak and colleagues.
  • The Patient Council at Secure services led by Emily Poole and colleagues.

The programme will explore how health care professionals (clinicians and managers) and patients and citizen leaders can work and learn collaboratively and in partnership.   

Clinicians, managers, patients, service users, carers and community leaders will learn how to build productive relationships, develop a culture of collaborative and cooperative working across the system whilst exploring how different roles and perspectives can be a constructive force for transformational change. 

Each group is comprised of a trio (made up from any health and care professional/clinician, their senior manager and patient/service user, carer or citizen) from the same local health and care system, to work together on a shared challenge. 

Clinicians and managers might want to find new ways of engaging and working with patients, service users and citizens. This might include building co-productive relationships that support conversations enabling strategic thinking and shared decision making.  Patients, services users and citizens might involve those keen to explore how to work in partnership with health care professionals in ways that build a different way of working together. 

The programme will start at the end of June and we look forward to hearing back from those participating at future events.