Small animals visit Franklyn Hospital

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Charity, News, Recovery and wellbeing on 11th August, 2022

Last month, the DPT Charity funded for a collection of small animals to visit Belvedere and Rougemont. Marie, from Animals 2U Southwest, was invited to Franklyn Hospital as part the Occupational Therapy Teams work to expand the range of therapeutic activities they offer to their patients.

The animals included in the visit were guinea pigs, tortoises and a bearded dragon. Patients and staff were allowed to handle the animals whilst learning about the animals background.

Zoe Fischer, Occupational Therapy Assistant, said: "The animals elicited delight and marvel from colleagues and patients alike, with one patient remarking how they were 'amazing'.

"Marie educated colleagues on how to take care of the various animals and answered any questions. We learnt that guinea pigs need to eat hard foods to keep their teeth from getting too long and that – despite their name – bearded dragons usually have a pleasant temperament".