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Skydivers support the DPT Charity

Posted by Devon Partnership Trust in Charity, News on 21st December, 2021

Angela Moon skydivingThis November brave staff members Ruth Shearman, Business Support Administrator and Angela Moon, Specialist Occupational Therapist took to the skies to raise money for the DPT Charity. Jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft is an incredible undertaking and both these ladies faced this once in a lifetime challenge with an impressive amount of confidence.

Ruth who raised £775 said: "Arriving at Dunkeswell Airfield on a cool, cloudy but bright day. My instructor, Neil was happy and calm. After the briefing, a cameraman records your dedication to the camera and we are then escorted to the plane. My instructor put me at ease, explaining everything that was going to happen. When we were at 5,000ft, you could look down on a beautiful white blanket of fluffy clouds, we still had another 10,000ft to go up. At 15,000ft, I was at the nearest point to the plane door, when they opened the roller door, you could hear the wind, feel the cold and see the blanket of cloud we were going to launch ourselves into, but I tried to remain calm. Meanwhile, my Ruth skydives for charityinstructor, whose lap I was effectively sat on started quickly shuffling forward to the opening, swung round so my legs were now out of the plane, thankfully, my brain took over and I remembered the training, bent legs back under the plane and leaned backwards with arms across my chest. He shunted a little forward and then before I could reconcile what was happening, gave a bigger shunt forcing me out. I closed my eyes for a split second, then forced myself to look, while still falling rapidly, got the signal to open my arms out, we straightened out and were horizontal where you could feel the wind buffering under my body and arms. He gave the instruction for lifting my legs prior to landing in order to slide to the ground and made a perfect landing. I felt elated, but very calm not the quivering wreck I thought I would be. Even thought about having another go! Who would have thought? I would definitely recommend doing it at least once. Thank you to all my wonderful sponsors who helped raise a lot of money."

Watch a video of Ruth's skydive here.

Angela Moon skydiving

Angela who raised £1,326 specifically for the Learning Disability Fund, said: "Falling out of the plane was no problem, probably because I was distracted by concentrating on following the instructions my instructor had given, however then hurtling through the sky at 120 miles per hour for 10,000ft was a bit unsettling, although it only takes one minute. Not sure I managed any posing for the camera in that bit, cameraman waved goodbye and I had a moment of argh what’s happening, but then the parachute went up and I was given handles to control - floating down for the last 5,000ft was so serene, even went through a big white fluffy cloud. You could see all across the south west coast including Charmouth, Exmouth, Torbay and the Bristol Channel! Don’t think I stopped smiling for a few hours afterwards and woke next morning thinking ‘I did it’. Am so grateful for the amazing support in sponsorship and so grateful to have finally fulfilled what I promised. If you are thinking about having a go – check out the Skydive Buzz website for details – there are a few health and height / weight restrictions which are worth checking before you sign up – then go ahead and raise more money for DPT Charities – Daniel will give you excellent support.”

But are you ready to take on the challenge too?
The DPT Charity have teamed up with Skydive Buzz, based at Dunkeswell Airfield in Honiton who will provide you with a parachute, an experienced instructor and everything you’ll need to have an unforgettable jump.

Dedicated DPT session on the Saturday 9 April or choose a time that suits you. To book your place click here or email Head of Charity Fundraising, Daniel Robson for more information at

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